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Denver Public Schools can now perform our musicals free of charge

Dear Denver Public Schools,

We’re honored to inform you that you now qualify for the DPS Grant Program at All The Musicals.

This entitles you to the printed materials, the performance accompaniments, and the public performance rights to produce our musicals free of charge.

Each musical is written specifically for Elementary School students. Since we release one new musical every semester, your grant approval gives you access to two new musicals a year, in perpetuity.

All The Musicals is a new initiative here in Denver, and we’re dedicated to supporting DPS students in any way we can. You can learn more about our first show, Bruce The Goose, which I think they’ll love.

You can submit your grant application online at or give me a call at (720) 515-1522 and I’ll get you all set up.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s anything I can do to help.


Sean M McGowan
Manager, All The Musicals

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Bruce The Goose is now available for public performances

Our first show, Bruce The Goose, is now available for public performances. It’s a show about how easily a democracy can descend into fascism.

The 30-minute operetta, composed by Sean M McGowan, is written especially for Elementary School students. Listen to the songs.

Theatrical Licensing

Theatrical licensing for the show, including the printed materials and the performance accompaniments, is now available worldwide. Learn more about theatrical licensing.

Denver Public Schools Perform For Free

Thanks to our Patrons, we’re able to offer Denver Public Schools the opportunity to perform the show free of charge. Learn more or apply for a grant.

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How to harmonize pitch with tempo

Here’s a useful tool to help composers harmonize the musical notes of a song with the tempo of that same song.

The numbers are written in beats per minute. The piano keys refer to the pitch that best harmonizes with that tempo. So, for example, a song written in 81.8503 bpm is most harmonious with the note F.

This chart assumes A is equal to 440 hz, tuned with equal temperament.

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Stories For Good

Todays shows could be far, far better. Better for the audience, better for the community, and better for humanity.

Even when shows are good, they often spread dangerous messages – for example, a show that has great music but is derogatory to women.

That’s why we need to start telling better stories. Stories for good.

You can join us and start building a better world by telling better stories.

You can view all career opportunities or contact us with any questions.